Sol methods

Sols are colloidal suspensions which are normally charge or sterically stabilized. Our sol particles are typically hydrous oxides suspended in aqueous media. However, it is possible to prepare polymeric organic sols as well as organic-inorganic sols. We have been developing a variety of “in-situ” techniques for characterizing these systems.

Thin-film procedures

Sols are normally cast onto a variety of porous or non porous substrates to produce supported “Thin-Films.” Often it is difficult to characterize some parameters such as pore size and pore size distribution in these films and for that reason we utilize Xerogels produced from our suspensions, as surrogates in order to accomplish this task.

Xerogel characterization

Xerogels are colloidal sols in which water is removed by evaporation forming porous coupons which can be characterized in either their fired or non-fired state. These gels allow us to use such techniques as BET (gas phase adsorption) to characterize the nature of the pores in our materials.

Professor Marc A. Anderson


Professor Marc A. Anderson Lab of Sol-Gel Chemistry

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