1. Air treatment

To the left, is to the best of our knowledge the first photocatalytic air treatment system created in the US. It was marketed for a time by a local company. We are still working in this area to improve this technology. In addition, our technology for air treatment is now incorporated into Sub Zero refrigerators. In similar fashion, some of my students in Inter. Engi. 160 built a battery operated device for the treatment of odors, ethylene and bacteria shown here.

In addition, shown below is a developed a fully automatic computer controlled commercial scale photocatalytic Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) treatment systems. This is available for testing VOC’s which might be present from industrial sources such as printing, furniture finishing, car painting dry cleaning, spray-can filling, etc.

We are also working on newer air treatment systems that do not involve photocatalytic processes but still utilize our thin-film materials.

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